Wednesday, June 3, 2009

slow week

It has been a slow week for running. My plan is to run Tue,wed,Thur,and long runs on Sat. Well with Christians graduation this weekend and family arriving I have not had time really. It has been an overwhelming week Cam got sick, I had to go to the eye Dr and she said I have 3 ulcers in my right eye which is pretty painful. So tomorrow I plan to get up and go run as soon as the kids get to school and then clean house, store and make Christians memory board for graduation. The memory board is a board where we decorate and add pictures from when he was a baby up to now it should be fun and bittersweet. I am very excited that he is becoming an adult but yet sad. I had Christian the August before my senior year. He attended my high school graduation at 11 months old so this is an emotional time for Bri and I. I can't believe he is graduating high school already. Where does the time go? For all of you out there with newborns or toddlers pick them up and coddle them like there is no tomorrow because it goes so fast. I was going through Christians baby pictures I just remember his little personality and how loving affectionate and sweet. I love my three sons. They are treasures from God I am so thankful God let me borrow them on this earth and trusted me to raise them. Thank You Jesus! Happy Graduation Son! Your time has come!

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cathy said...

Knowing him when he was born and now hearing that he is graduating-- high school not Kindergarten!!-- is amazing!! WOW!!!
I'll pray your ulcers clear up!! I'm sorry you are in pain!