Friday, January 23, 2009

calling in sick

Today I had to call in sick not for me being sick but Cameron. I dont know about you but I hate calling in sick.It makes me feel that I am not very reliable. This guilt comes over me I am not sure why because really, will they fire me for having an ill child? I dont think so and If that happens I need to remember it is the will of God.It is hard when you work outside of the home and you are responsible for more people then yourself. When you have a boss that does not have children this becomes very difficult because they are not sensitive to the fact that someone needs to nurture a sick child. I have a new understanding of what moms go through battling the guilt of when to call in or not. So today while at home I am baking cookies catching up on laundry and doing housework (well, kind of).I pray that Cameron will feel better and I will enjoy the rest of my day. And remember The Good Lord is in control of ALL things! Jen