Friday, December 19, 2008

New photos

I know I have posted alot of new blogs. I wanted to post photos of Christian it is very rare when we can take pictures of him because he is never around it seems. But here are some of him and cameron playing around. It is fun to see being that they are so far apart in ages They get along so well.

Cameron made a hut in the backyard. He loves to create things.Cameron getting his first soccer trophy at skate world. Snow day 2008 It is so beautiful watching it fall. I love the snow. Cayden choir concert. He is in choir this year and loves it. Brian making a fire. I love to have a fire in the fireplace. Again Where's Christian? I will post photos of him soon. LOL

random photos

Here are some random photos.

Hello All!

I have not posted a blog in so long. I even have been tagged Im not sure what that means but it looks fun. I am not very computer literate it is not my specialty. I dont know how to link to other people. I will write 7 random things about myself but then I am not sure how to send it off to others anyway here goes.
1. I can never sleep on christmas eve. I have been this way since I was young, I get so excited I cant sleep.
2. I love to wake up at the crack of dawn and read and drink my coffee before anyone wakes up.
3. I am addicted to starbucks and coffee in general.
4. I have not had my natural hair color since high school. I love to change it all the time.
5. I have to talk to my sis on the phone everyday or every other. We are really close when we were little I hated for her to leave to go to friends I always had to go.This drove her nuts.(sorry sis)
6. One I am not proud of I repeated 8th grade.I never cared for school. Since kindergarten. I dreaded school EVERY DAY.
7. Someday I want to backpack through Europe. After I retire Brian and I want to be campground hosts at all the national parks.