Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Bummer!

Well I haven't posted in a while. I thought I would update. I have not been able to run for 2 weeks now. I pulled muscles in my quads. I ran too hard too fast and now need to take it easy for a little longer however I have been swimming and riding the bike to keep up my physical endurance. I miss running so much I realize how much I enjoy it now that I cannot. I went to the doctor today she said I shouldn't have a problem running the marathon so that is great news, but I do have a race scheduled July 12 I probably will not be able to run. I am so bummed. Back to the swimming to be quite frank I SUCK at it. I don't have the technique I tried the whole breathing thing and flowing through the water I do not know how people do it, it is not easy. It is a great workout though Did you know swimming one mile equals the same as running 4 miles. Crazy huh? Anyways gotta run!! (did I just say that) not run but I gotta go! So you think you can dance is on Cant miss it! Take Care Y'all

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