Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back in business

I had a few days off of running over the weekend due to a very important event. Christian's graduation.
What an exciting time. Family came to visit. I got to see my sis and mom I miss them very much. We had so much fun celebrating. So after taking a few days off I am back to training. It actually is good for your body to have recovery time when I got back to running on Tuesday I felt great I ran 5 miles with no problems and had lots of energy. I will be running Nike campus today 4 miles. I am right on track with my training. I am looking forward to summer and the boys being out of school (4 more days) so that I can run earlier in the morning and also take them to the gym with me at our gym we have this great outdoor pool with lounge chairs it is like a retreat and the boys love it there. This school year seems so long we had days added because of all the snow days we had in winter. I am looking forward to no homework and that I don't have to make lunches every morning. Anyways I am babbling on and on. REMEMBER: Keep on moving on!

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